Reclamation Entertainment Reclamation Entertainment is a holding company for the production of intellectual property based in New York City. Incorporated in 2010 by Patrick W. Steward and Nathan E. McCartney, Reclamation Entertainment's primary objective is to acquire, develop, and produce independently financed motion pictures, television and new media content. Reclamation Entertainment combines the development, production and distribution of traditional film and television entertainment and integrates the advances in new media, mobile platforms and viral marketing for a complete branding process in a vertically integrated creative structure.

Through Reclamation Entertainment's core team of award-winning writers, directors, and producers, financing structures and production logistics are quickly and effectively assembled for the production of motion picture, television and new media content. Reclamation Entertainment's members have also fostered affiliations and personal relationships within the film and television, music, fashion, branding, technology, mobile, new media and social networking sectors of the entertainment industry. This allows Reclamation to leverage its relationships towards its own projects generating the greatest potential for success both critically and financially. Whether a four-minute music video or a feature documentary, a made-for-TV mini series or a mobile application, Reclamation Entertainment has the resources and industry affiliations to see a project reach its highest potential.

Reclamation Entertainment is a new and growing company. The founding members are young, energetic and experienced within various aspects of the entertainment industry, from writing, directing and producing award winning films, to thriving in a corporate environment with responsibilities of overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars of media and content, to managing musical and theatrical artists. Reclamation's core team infuses multiple segments of the entertainment and technology industries together, both artistry and commerce, in an exciting new methodology that meets the needs of current and future market trends.