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Patrick Steward is a graduate of the Film and Television program at New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. As a film student at NYU, Mr. Steward produced, assistant-directed and directed feature, short film and video projects on multiple formats including HD and 35mm. He is the founder and CEO of Cyprus Productions, LLC; a production company that specializes in motion graphics. He is the CEO of Dark Matter Entertainment, LLC; his production company that focuses on high-concept, studio driven tentpole franchise productions. Mr. Steward is CEO and CCO of Reclamation Entertainment, LLC.

Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Mr. Steward was raised in the Lehigh Valley. Prior to his acceptance into the film program at NYU, Mr. Steward interned at various studios and television stations including a PBS television station in Pennsylvania, and the Fox Network in New York City. He was the director and founder of PMN, a student news and media program at Parkland High School. In 2004 Mr. Steward was accepted into the Kodak Student Filmmaker program in association with the American Pavilion, where he worked for the director of programming at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2006 he participated in a similar program for the Venice Film Festival and worked with Premiere PR, an international public relations agency.

His feature directorial debut was "Cherry Valley," a documentary about a lost town in upstate New York, which premiered at the South-By-Southwest Film Festival. His next film, "The Willow's Tears," screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and his latest film "The Hollow Tree," is currently completing the 2008-2010 festival circuit, with screenings including Cannes, Hamptons International Film Festival (award-winner), Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Foursite Film Festival (award-winner), Sarasota Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival and Big Apple Film Festival. Mr. Steward has written for Merge Magazine and has a blog discussing postproduction and filmmaker issues on Avid's website. He currently resides in New York City.

"Together Against Bullying" Commercial Campaign - Digital Director, Editor, Post Supervisor - 2013-2014
"A Convenient Truth" - Producer, First Assistant Director, Post Supervisor - 2014
"Be Kind" Commercial Campaign - Digital Director, AD, Post Supervisor - 2012
"The Color Wheel" - Unit Production Manager - 2011
"The Chronicles of Holy-Weird" - First Assistant Director - 2009
"The Hollow Tree" - Writer, Director – 2009
"Cherry Valley" - Director, Editor - 2008


Nathan McCartney is a seasoned veteran in the music and digital content business. Getting his start in 2005, Nathan began working for music mogul, Damon Dash. Since then, he's moved on to manage Verizon Wireless's music and personalization businesses. McCartney is also a managing partner in Reclamation Entertainment, an independent film production company and the NM Agency, a music marketing consultancy.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mr. McCartney was also raised in the Lehigh Valley, and attended Parkland High School with Mr. Steward. He went on to attend James Madison University, majoring in business, and has worked in the music and entertainment industry for the last seven years. Mr. McCartney began his career handling marketing duties under the tutelage of Damon Dash.

While working for Dash, Mr. McCartney was involved in the creation and marketing of all products for Damon Dash Enterprises, entities that included a film division, clothing lines, boxing promotion company, music group, online social network and alcohol company.

In 2008, Nathan joined Verizon Wireless and has since been with the company ever since. McCartney's roles and responsibilities include completing licensing deals with the major music labels, overseeing the delivery and ingestion of their content, the marketing and programming of over 10 million mp3's, 130 thousand ringtones, and 120 thousand ringback tones, providing artist recommendations for events, sponsorships and commercials, as well as handling the licensing deals for any third party music service who wishes to utilize Verizon's distribution. Verizon's branded music service, V CAST Music, is currently the number one mobile seller of music and in the top five for digital music sales in North America. The content that McCartney manages generates upwards of $500 million dollars annually. Nathan is based in the New York City area and speaks regularly at colleges, conferences and summits.